Since 1976, Gull Industries has been saving electricity and gas by providing clean, safe, environmentally friendly thermal solar energy products.
Gull Industries is operated by McGuire Green, Inc.
Solar Water and Pool Heating Systems Kits
Gull Industries manufactures and distributes solar energy collectors designed for a wide variety of thermal solar solutions, including thermal solar pool heating systems and water heating kits. Each of the major thermal solar applications: pool, spa, hot water, space or radiant floor heating can be used independently or mechanically integrated utilizing a calculated number of solar collectors, pumps, heat exchangers, storage tanks, and control systems. Solar thermal energy usage can be as simple as heating a single body of water such as a swimming pool or as demanding as heating water for a commercial laundromat. Solar water heating systems can be multi-purpose so that the same system that heats your pool in the summer can heat your house and provide hot water in the winter.
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