Gull Poly Pro® Solar Collector
For Heating Swimming Pools in Single-Family and Commercial Installations
Quality Construction
The Gull Poly Pro® is fabricated from a propylene copolymer with a stabilizer compound that provides long-term resistance to damage from heat and light. Large 2" manifold pipes made of the same materials are attached to a series of smaller distribution tubes using state-of-the-art thermal welding techniques. All hardware supplied to attach one collector to another and mount the collector to various roof materials is made of the highest quality stainless steel, rubber, nylon, and plastics available for outdoor use.
High Efficiency Design
The raised tube design exposes a higher radius of tube, trapping incoming light at different angles. A one-quarter inch gap between tubes allows for greater expansion and contraction of materials, basically an accordion effect, which helps increase the life of the collector. Open air flow slots between tubes allows the roof to breathe, preventing dry rot and lift of collectors in high wind conditions.
The Gull Poly Pro's extra large, Ultra-Flow 2™ manifolds and anti-clogging, straight flow-through tubes provide superior circulation and improved flow that stops the collector from clogging and creates less strain on filter pumps. Greater flow equals faster heating and cleaning of your swimming pool. Less strain means longer pump life and lower energy costs.
20 Year Limited Warranty
Gull Poly Pro Specifications
Technical Data
Size 4' x 8'
(47" x 96")
4' x 10'
(47" x 120")
4' x 12'
(47" x 144")
Manifold Length 50.5" 50.5" 50.5"
Manifold Outer Diameter 2.875" 2.875" 2.875"
Manifold Inner Diameter 2.0" 2.0" 2.0"
Gross Collector Area 31.4 sq. ft. 39.3 sq. ft. 47.3 sq. ft.
Net Collector Area 31.4 sq. ft. 39.3 sq. ft. 47.3 sq. ft.
Dry Weight 14.3 lbs. 17.1 lbs. 21.3 lbs.
Wet Weight 35.1 lbs. 41.6 lbs. 48 lbs.
Wet Weight Per sq. ft. 1.12 lbs. 1.06 lbs. 1.01 lbs.
Fluid Capacity 2.5 gal 2.9 gal 3.2 gal
Maximum Flow Rate 10 GPM 10 GPM 10 GPM
Minimum Flow Rate 2.5 GPM 2.5 GPM 2.5 GPM
Choose Gull Poly Pro for a Healthy Roof
From a distance the Gull Poly Pro may look like other manufacturers' rectangular solar collectors. Many other collectors are solid mats that lie directly on your roofing material and allow moisture to be trapped beneath, causing fungus and dry rot. The Gull Poly Pro's unique design has slots cut between the collector tubes allowing air to circulate and your roof to breathe.
Performance Chart: San Francisco Bay Area
Expected solar contribution per month and average per year based on correct industry sizing standards with unglazed solar panels and uncovered pool.
Tested and rated in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 96-80. Carries FSEC certification.
Plumbing Schematic
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