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The Gull Solar Collector Product Family
Constructed of polypropylene plastics, the Gull Poly Pro® is superior for outdoor use. It is economical and applicable to most roofing materials. The Gull Poly Pro has many superior features over the competition, including multiple slots between the collectors that allow your roof to breathe, and full two-inch interior diameter ultra-flow manifolds with flow-through anti-clogging tubes that decrease wear and tear on the circulating pump. The Gull Poly Pro is available in standard 4'X8', 4'X10', and 4'X12' sizes. Custom lengths up to 4'X20' are available. The Gull Poly Pro carries a limited lifetime warranty with a 10-year full collector replacement guarantee.
Sol-R-Flow® water heaters are constructed with high density polyethylene plastic tubing. National sanitation approved for potable water use, Sol-R-Tuff® tubing was put through a 16 year independent test under an acrylic glazing and subject to a constant 105 psi of pressure. Sol-R-Tuff® tubing withstood freezing, sunlight degregation, and corrosion. Unheard of with conventional solar collectors sold today. Collector can be laid flat with no connection to the roof—the weight holds them down; be put on sloped surfaces with just one mounting connection. The built in framework lifts the collector of the mounting surface so the surface can breath, preventing dry rot. Can be transported to roof via one person and requires no roof load structural.
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The Gull Sun Coil's simple and economical design has advantages over rectangular flat plate solar collectors. On flat roofs the Sun Coil requires no attachment to the roof—the weight of the water in the collector holds it in place. On tile or uneven roofs the built-in framework lifts the panel off the roof and only one penetration is required to attach each panel. On roofs with triangular and odd-shaped sections where a rectangular solar panel would not fit, the Sun Coil is the only choice. It is available in standard 6 1/2' diameter as well as smaller sizes. The Gull Sun Coil is warranted against freezing and comes with a limited lifetime warranty and full 10-year collector replacement warranty.
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